An Ode to Motherhood - 8, 18, 28

If I wrote a book about my life motherhood would get filed under the best thing I'd ever done, but also the hardest. The same could be said for writing my book. That gets filed under the second best thing I've done, but also one of the hardest. So, I'm going to take that as a win. That I've cracked on with two things that have probably changed my life beyond all recognition. Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have children or write a book. I count myself extremely lucky to do both because without doubt they've left an imprint on my soul.

If there is a place where your soul goes after a life well lived, then perhaps it is these choices above all else that are remembered, perhaps to live on in another life somewhere else. And so it's up to all of us to find the things in life that are going to shape us - in ways we can't imagine when we start out on our journey to them. In ways that are really really hard at times and in ways that if you had any doubts you'd still carry on regardless, not turn back when the going gets tough.

So on mother's day today and on indie authors #selfpromotesunday, I thought I'd share a little poem. It's not the best writing I've ever done and I need to caveat I wrote this very quickly. So it will not be technically correct. But if you don't get your writing out there when will you? So I encourage all of you to go and do the things you think will most shape you. Not just on this day, but every day.

An Ode to Motherhood - 8, 18, 28,

Numbers are the strangest things,
Markers of time,
Of everything,
Or are they just a scribble,
On the way to other things.

At 8 I rocked a doll,
At 18 I had no thoughts of you,
At 28 a top tier was made for you,

And so here you came,
Blue-eyed wonders,
Of things to do,
Were you top of my list?
Perhaps. Maybe. Definitely. 

Yet of all the things,
I’ve said and done,
You are the ones that,
Shaped me the most.

My two babies grown,
Into two so strong,
The hardest,
Yet best thing I’ve ever done.

And so, I wonder,
What will you do at 8, 18 and 28?
As your mother I'd say,
Do what you'll remember the most,

So you can say,
Those choices I made,
Were the hardest,
Yet best thing I’ve ever done.