Book Review: Locked and Found

By Meredith Reece

4 out of 5 Stars

A mystery box. A dead child. Who holds the key to unlocking it all?

I was excited to read this book not least because it involves a mystery box and is set in Scotland - two of my favourite things. Wait. What? Why would you be interested in a mystery locked box? Well I'll tell you a story. The first house I ever owned was a small Victorian Terrace house over 150 years old. It had an inbuilt cupboard in the bedroom. The top cupboard was locked and it stayed that way until I left. I never did find the key or manage to unlock it and now I wonder what on earth was in there. Anything that's locked away is pretty fascinating if you ask me because there's always a story behind why it was locked up in the first place.

Locked and Found is first in a young adult series and follows the story of Jess, whose family returns to Scotland to live with her mum's brother. Jess finds herself stranded in a creepy loft with cousin Ella Lockheart. After a heart-pounding paranormal encounter, Jess and Ella make a mysterious discovery and so begins an adventure to unlock hidden secrets of the Lockheart family.

This is thoroughly enjoyable young adult mystery which benefits from a snappy pace and likeable main characters in Jess and Ella. There's plenty of complex plot to keep you intrigued and turning the pages. The family story that emerges is well imagined and surprising. If you enjoy family sagas, the added mystery of the paranormal and a real world setting in delightful Scotland then this book should be on your TBR.

I look forward to reading more of the Lockheart family mysteries!