Book Review: The Dark Wood

By Sydney Mann

5 out of 5 stars

Stella lives in Noctum, land of eternal night. In Noctum, the stars shine so bright it feels like you can pluck them from the sky, festivals are held for each special moon, and the Northern Lights are worshipped every wintertide. But the darkness hides many sins. Draven, Noctum’s ruthless immortal king, rules behind the protective walls of Caligo. While, outside in Darkwood, Stella and the other forest dwellers live in terror of foul creatures called the Shade. When a mysterious visitor arrives from the skies Stella faces an impossible choice - a chance of love or the freedom of light?

This wonderful book has turned out to be one of my favourite indie reads of the year. The wonderful writing makes it easy to immerse yourself in the world of Noctum. As one other reviewer has said Darkwood is an incredibly haunting and creative concept - to live your life without light. The world building is particularly well done and makes it easy to join Stella's journey to survival of the fittest. The characters are believable, the romance subtle and sophisticated and the plot fast paced. A thoroughly enjoyable young adult read with a page turner of a plot.