About The Writing Nook


Hi I’m Claire, author and owner of The Writing Nook. That's me above, with my Dad looking happy. You could say I was a chip off the old block. I haven't changed. Don't have the hat anymore though unfortunately.

I'm a speculative storyteller, book blogger and reader. I have a passion for Hollywood blockbuster movies and a love for cheesy TV. I’m not embarrassed to like Love Island, Lord of the Rings and Poldark. All in the same sentence. Give me a mug with Aiden Turner's face on it and I’m your friend for life. Historical anything, fantasy weirdness and sci-fi are my thing. I’m a romantic at heart and despite having what some would say is a “resting b***h face” I have a soft centre. I live in Cheshire with my husband Howard, two children and dog Lass. The day job is running my own marketing consultancy, the dream to be a full time writer. 

I grew up in a working class household in the Potteries (Stoke on Trent, UK). I'm proud to be called a ‘Clayhead’ – a person born in the Potteries and will always turn over a china cup to see where it is made. My mum made pottery, my dad was a lorry driver. This is important to know because my mum gifted me a love of teacups and reading, and my Dad a dry, dark sense of humour that sometimes doesn't work. Recently, my writing has taken me back to my working class roots. Dry, dark comedy with a pinch of the unexpected. The last two books I've written are high-concept speculative book club fiction. I'm represented by Rufus Purdy at the Two Piers Agency, a brilliant agent and writing mentor, who stops me getting ahead of myself and softens my cliches and over-wrought metaphors. I'm currently out on submission to publishers and crossing everything that my books will be picked up and become bestsellers. 

Why did I start writing?

I trained as an editor and ran an academic press for a while for Staffordshire University. I established and published the very first online academic journey, way back when, which is still published today by the Open University. After a career in digital experience and marketing, it took me a while to loop back to writing. I now enjoy writing as a hobby and would love to do it full time. 

What do I most love to do?
Watch a movie, read or write. I love sci-fi movies although they usually scare me so much I can't sleep afterwards. I don't like the thought of all that black empty nothingness!

What personality trait has got you most into trouble?
I'm a Gemini so my mood goes up and down. One minute I can be happy and social, the next I want to hide in a hobbit hole and never come out. 

Who's your favourite author?
Tolkien. I also love the classics by Hardy, Kafka and Du Maurier. I have a very eclectic reading taste. One minute I'm reading romcoms, the next I'm reading a classic. Queue the Gemini again. 

What's your pet peeve?
I believe that humans are good but some need direction, love and a kick up the backside to succeed. You can get to your dreams by working hard or blagging it. People give up too easily. No one ever said life is easy. I'd say try and you might be surprised at what you can achieve.

What's the most surprising thing to happen to you?
Finding my adopted sister at age 31. Although we were apart in childhood we've now a good relationship. Growing up as an only child probably shaped me, but finding my sister has shaped me even more. 

What are your life goals?
To own a little cottage by the sea with a garden of roses and a writing hut. I know it's the cliche of all author cliches. But hey I like cliches. They make good movies and books.